Keynote Lecture: Abiola Ajetomobi

Friday, 23 July 2021; @1:30–3:00pm AEST

Allies and advocates play a critical role in changing systems and policies positively to make society fairer for those that may otherwise be left behind. As individuals, small groups, movements, organisations, academia, social, public and political sectors, we have a pivotal role in gathering allies and advocates to activate change and leverage action to create a wider impact for community advancement. Harnessing the power of allyship and advocacy for change strengthens diversity and social inclusion to counter racism or alleviate social injustice in Australia, Africa, and worldwide.

Africa has endured a long history of oppression, suppression, determination and freedom; many generations using their pain from battles to forge ahead and create a better future for generations to come. Envisioning a future of equity, equality, and true justice in Africa demands a shift in systems thinking and behaviour, policy reform and best practice adoptions to reform broader policy and practice implications across the continent and beyond.

Traversing a continent of wider social and macro change has been a constant battle with a corrupt government and poor resource management. Building waves of social and policy change through advocacy while addressing and overcoming systemic inequity requires allies and advocates that can use their platform, resources, expertise, influence and competence to raise new and emerging leaders that will take Africa to the next level and secure the future and sustainable independence of generations to come.

This is a virtual event. Register to attend here.

About the Speaker

Abiola Ajetomobi is the Director at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) Innovation Hub and is currently leading a holistic and strength-based innovation-driven model partnership with people seeking asylum to meet their needs. She is a social innovator who is passionate about forming creative and sustainable solutions to increase people’s economic and social participation that would otherwise be left behind in society. Abiola works to ensure that those seeking asylum in Australia have the level of agency required to reach self-actualisation and independence.

Her professional background spans humanitarian organisations, businesses, accounting and financial services, social entrepreneurship, not-for-profit and public service. She was awarded the In the Future Leader Award at the International Women’s Day Awards in the southern metropolitan region of Melbourne in 2015. Abiola was also the winner of the Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation Alumni Award in ACU’s Alumni Awards 2020. She serves on the Board of Joyway Widows Foundation, United African Farm and Plan International Australia, where she contributes to the advancement of women, girls and the unification so the African community in Australia.



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